Blænk is a collaboration between the German design duo Silke Geib and Nadine Möllenkamp.
Their women's wear collections focuses on high fashion and experimentation.

Their focus on couture and experimentation results in a collection that stands for femininity and modernity.

The two designers crossed paths in Amsterdam where their design interests immediately gave them
a common bond. Soon after their initial meeting, they formed Blænk in 2010. With Möllenkamp based
in Amsterdam and Geib based in Berlin, the fashionable pair have chosen an unconventional way of
working together. Blænk marks the beginning of something new and intriguing.

Silke Geib studied fashion design at Esmod International Paris in France. Her graduation collection,
a men’s wear collection, was presented at the ‘14è Festival International des Arts de la Mode Hyères’,
where she was one of the finalists. Afterwards, she worked as a women’s wear and men’s wear designer
for fashion houses such as Maison Martin Margiela, J. Lindeberg and Viktor & Rolf.

Nadine Möllenkamp was educated in fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp,
Belgium. Her graduation collection, a men’s- and women’s wear collection, was presented at IT’S # 5
Fashion Competition, where she was one of the finalists. Afterwards she worked as a women’s wear
designer for the Dutch duo Viktor & Rolf.